Pylon Reenactment Society
Pylon Reenactment Society

Pylon Reenactment Society is booking and performing several shows in 2018. Click on the Schedule button above to see if we'll be playing near you.

New EP

Pylon Reenactment Society released a 6-song EP entitled “Part Time Punks Session” on Chunklet Industries, which is now distributed by Revolver U.S.A.

The EP was released digitally on October 6th, and on 12” vinyl, with a limited edition of 100 on color disc, on October 20th, 2017. There are also a limited number of cassettes available at shows only.

The EP was recorded on the afternoon of December 11, 2016, before the band's show that evening at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, which was part of DJ and promoter Michael Stock's Part Time Punks series. In the spirit of renowned DJ John Peel, Stock invited PRS to Josiah Mazzaschi's studio, The Cave, to record exclusive tracks for his Part Time Punks radio show which has been running on KXLU since 2006.

Front woman Vanessa Briscoe Hay comments, “I was struck by the energy of the performances and the quality of the recording. It reminded me somewhat of Pylon's recording of Gyrate. That record had also been done very quickly with the band playing together and a minimum of overdubs. This way of recording can lend a dynamic live feeling if done properly and if you have a good performance. An elusive goal had been achieved and not really noticed for what it was: something really good.“

After getting permission from Stock to release the recording on Chunklet Industries, a hip, tastemaker record label in Atlanta founded by Chunklet publisher Henry Owings, PRS guitarist and audio engineer Jason NeSmith mastered it at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA. The vinyl lacquers were cut by Adam Smith, and pressed at MUSICOL. The cover graphics were suggested by the poster for the actual show, which had been cut and pasted from the Pylon ep released in 1980. The label design and graphics were created by Bill Gridley in the spirit of Pylon under the direction of Hay, Owings and Pylon founding member Michael Lachowski.

“Part Time Punks Session” track list:

  1. Feast On My Heart
  2. Beep
  3. Buzz
  4. Precaution
  5. K
  6. Crazy

You can find out more about it and even order your own copy.

New T-shirt

We also have a new t-shirt designed by Bill Gridley that is available as part of pre-order packages and at shows.

About PRS

When people talk about the beginnings of the music scene in Athens, GA the discussion usually begins “The B-52’s, R.E.M...” Those who know will continue the list, PYLON. They were every Athens, GA band’s favorite Athens band. Their musical naïveté, southern upbringing, art school smarts, and house-party roots exploded together to create something quite improbably amazing, hitting the listener on mental, physical, and spiritual levels simultaneously. On the surface, their angular guitar parts and propulsive rhythm section had something in common with UK post-punk bands like Gang of Four and PIL, but PYLON was more fun and less studied. -and they had a secret weapon in Vanessa Briscoe Hay, whose inimitable vocal textures and phrasing defined the band’s sound for most listeners.

Photo by Jason Thrasher

Pylon’s celebrated history came to a sudden end with the death of iconic guitarist Randy Bewley in 2009. Pylon was and always will be Vanessa, Randy, Michael, and Curtis. It is a certainty that the band will not reform with a new guitarist.

But hey, kids. Everything is still cool! Vanessa has gathered members of Athens bands Casper & the Cookies, The Glands, and pianist Damon Denton to create PYLON REENACTMENT SOCIETY. Is it a cover band if Vanessa is singing? Technically, it’s the next best thing. PRS are here to have fun and perform in the spirit of PYLON. On Tour now! Don’t be discouraged! Let’s dance!


Vanessa Briscoe Hay - vocals
Jason NeSmith - guitar and backing vocals
Kay Stanton - bass and backing vocals
Joe Rowe - drums and backing vocals
Damon Denton - keyboard